Don’t you have time to manage all

your technical service providers?

We take care of the organization and the administrative part of your repair, storage and recycling needs. Our experience in delegated service management saves you time. For example, we take care of your technical repair reports, which are tailor-made according to your requirements or model documents. We can also manage any other need for external services, such as your preventive maintenance or your subscriptions. Finally, we create tailor-made tool kits and specific packaging tailored to your specific activity.

We find for you the competent service provider at the best price

or we work with the provider you have chosen



In both cases, we manages orders, delivery orders, technical reports, or other administrative management tasks that you need.

Examples of services delegated to Maintlog by its customers: regulatory controls, remote technical assistance, vehicle technical inspections, measuring instruments, periodic inspections of fire-fighting systems, etc.

Examples of repairs managed by Maintlog: engines, gearboxes, transmissions, electronic cards, solenoid valves, wastewater recovery on ships, fiber optics, pumps, electromagnets, alternators, calculators…

Scaffolding on an Air Defense Frigate

Creation of tailor-made kit

for your supplies

Specific packaging

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