Do you need specific parts which are not, or no longer, proposed by your suppliers?

In the context of Maintenance of Operational Conditions (MCO) of your land, naval or aeronautical equipment, you may require specific parts which are difficult to find on the marketplace. You have 2 solutions:

  • obsolescence management
  • customized design

We can provide our expertise in the following 2 cases:

Obsolescence : We can have your obsolete parts reproduced to plan or to model in small or medium production runs.

Design : We design and manufacture produce your parts and equipment specific to your trade.

Sourcing alternative solutions for your replacement parts

 parts or components you cannot find because they are no longer produced or marketed.

Our buyers’ extensive expertise enables us to source parts or components from all over the world to replace those you can no longer find on the shelf.

If the parts you need to replace as part of your Maintenance of Operational Conditions (MCO) strategy are no longer produced or marketed, we can look for new or used alternatives which are suitable in accordance with your technical requirements.

Custom design to plan or to model

of your specific parts or parts for which you cannot find an alternative.

If the parts you are looking for cannot be sourced, our international staff can reproduce them from a drawing or from the specific obsolete part you are looking to replace.


in small or medium production runs for your specific parts.

Some of our work

ACU/WCU container
NSN 8145 14 597 4067

Generator casing
NSN 8145 14 597 4063

Generator container
NSN 8145 14 597 4079

ACU with container
NSN 8145 14 597 4067

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